Defying the hierarchies between art and design ‘MIDTOWN’ exhibition features sculpture, furniture, vessels, baskets, tapestries, and paintings.

Gallery Weekend, Design week(s), La Biennale di Venezia, etc. times are busy, and each event has more art ‘star’ studded list of participants. Maccarone, Salon 94 Design, and Salon 94 exhibition MIDTOWN, is no difference. The list of artists participating could hardly be any better. MIDTOWN consists of Vito Acconci, Anton Alvarez, Leonor Antunes, Thomas Barger, Jarrod Beck, Huma Bhabha, Carol Bove, Scott Burton, Nick Cave, Barbara Chase-Riboud, James Crosby, Alex Da Corte, Luca Dellaverson, Andile Dyalvane, Urs Fischer, Luis Flores, FlucT, Christina Forrer, Josep Grau-Garriga, Alex Hubbard, Dozie Kanu, Melike Kara, Jon Kessler, Rosy Keyser, Takuro Kuwata, Max Lamb, Kwangho Lee, Hannah Levy, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Sarah Lucas, Carly Mark, Christine McHorse, Rodney McMillan, Marilyn Minter, Robert Morris, Senga Nengudi, Ruby Neri, Leon Niehues, Jo Nigoghossian, Jay Sae Jung Oh, Rick Owens, Virginia Overton, Anna-Bella Papp, Gaetano Pesce, Jessi Reaves, Max Hooper Schneider, Kenzi Shiokava, Lucien Smith, Keith Sonnier, Ryan Sullivan, Oscar Tuazon, Betty Woodman, Haegue Yang, Daisy Youngblood, Andrea Zittel, and Joe Zucker.

Nick Cave, Soundsuit 2, 2015

Together, the works on view provoke questions about value. If an object does not look slick, fabricated, and over-produced, does it have more integrity? If a work is handmade, is it more or less valuable? The fine lines between art and craft, artist and artisan, fade. This show demonstrates an interest in exploiting this collision. Artists such as Rosy Keyser, Leonor Antunes, and Josep Grau-Garriga create contemplative yet confrontational scenarios using paint, rope, and fabric.


Vito Acconci, Stretched Facade, 1984

Jessi Reaves’ deconstructed and recomposed fan, Urs Fischer’s cast foam recliner, and Gaetano Pesce’s poured resin floor seduce.

Vito Acconci, Max Lamb, and Nate Lowman tell stories, and their works are made by the span of their own bodies. They distort, radicalize, and improve upon the familiar and functional.

Luis Flores, Sarah Lucas, Carly Mark, and Ruby Neri use sculptural surrogates to extend their absurd fantasies based on a collective cultural consciousness.

Kenzi Shiokava, Kwangho Lee, and Oscar Tuazon carry a deep reverence for nature, and their works elegantly reinforce the precarious relationship between the organic and synthetic.

Anton Alvarez, Dozie Kanu, and Andrea Zittel’s works examine ways to make new domestic propositions.

Carly Mark, Fat shaming birthday cake, 2016

The opening for MIDTOWN is May 3, from 6 to 9 pm. There will be a special performance by FlucT, curated by and co-produced with Performa, at 8 pm. MIDTOWN will feature a flag by Marilyn Minter flown outside Lever House, produced as part of Creative Time’s Pledges of Allegiance project launching on Flag Day, June 14.

Anton Alvarez, Bench, 2015

MIDTOWN will be open May 3-June 9, Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm, or by appointment, at 390 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor.

Text: PR, Katja Horvat

Photo: Courtesy of the artists and the galeries

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