What not to miss during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017

Gallery Weekend is just around the corner, and on occasion we compiled a list of our highlights and places you will most likely run into us enjoying amazing works of art.


Pause by Anthony McCall

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Opening: Pause: Anthony McCall

WHERE: Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin

WHEN: 26.04. 2017, 7 – 10pm

Pause, envisioned as a platform to punctuate the program by presenting singular artworks for a short period of time in order to bridge relationships between the past, present and future.

In response to Ian Wilson’s circle and disk works from the late 60’s, KW presents Line Describing a Cone (1973), an iconic light work from British artist and filmmaker Anthony McCall (born 1946 in St. Paul’s Cray, GB). For KW, McCall presents the original cinematic version using a 16 mm projector. Over the course of thirty minutes a thin line of light traces the circumference of a circle shaping a hollow cone through the vast hall on the ground floor. By using two smoking machines and filling up the entire space with mist the artist emphasizes a three dimensional form evoking a sculptural presence. In this installation the audience does not remain passive, instead the spectators are shaping their perception of the work by walking through the space.

With generous support by the Julia Stoschek Collection and Sprüth Magers.


Iron Lady by Symonds, Pearmain, Lebon

Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie

Opening: Iron Lady: Symonds, Pearmain, Lebon

Where: Schöneberger Ufer 61, 10785 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm

Symonds Pearmain is a collaboration between Designer Anthony Symonds and Stylist Max Pearmain. The duo presents a re-imagined and expanded catwalk presentation of Haute Militaire and an editorial project, ‘IronLady’ at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi both to premiere at Gallery Weekend Berlin.

The catwalk will feature models, actresses, dancers, performers and artists in a classic Salon style presentation. ‘Iron Lady‘ is a unisex fragrance conceived by Anthony Symonds. The exhibition ‘Iron Lady at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi showcases the fragrance as a commercial product with associated marketing material shot by fashion photographer Tyrone Lebon together with pornographic actress Stoya.


“She Has No Mouth” by Pamela Rosenkranz – “Light Ballet” by Otto Piene – “Lake in the Sky” by Lucy Dodd

Sprüth Magers

Opening: Pamela Rosenkranz, “She Has No Mouth” – Lucy Dodd, “Lake in the Sky” – Otto Piene, “Light Ballet”

Where: Oranienburger Strasse 18, 10178 berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm


Pamela Rosenkranz, “She Has No Mouth”


Lucy Dodd, “Lake in the Sky”

Otto Piene, “Light Ballet”

Pamela Rosenkranz, Otto Piene and Lucy Dodd will all show their solo exhibitions.


“Take Over” by Anri Sala – “Heavy Metal Body” by Angela Bulloch

Esther Schipper

Opening: Anri Sala, “Take Over”, Angela Bulloch, “Heavy Metal Body”

Where: Potsdamer Strasse 81e, 10785 berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm


“Take Over” by Anri Sala

Featuring a major new sound and video installation and a large-scale drawing project, the exhibition addresses central themes in Anri Sala’s oeuvre, exploring the relationships between music and narrative, architecture and film and interleaving qualities of different media in both complex and intuitive ways to produce works in which one medium takes on the qualities of another.

A conceptual point of departure for the central work Take Over are two well-known musical works, affiliated by an entangled political and cultural history, the Marseillaise and the Internationale. Written in 1792 the Marseillaise was closely tied to the French Revolution but also quickly spread to other countries where it became a symbol for the overthrow of oppressive regimes. Thus the 1871 lyrics of the Internationale were initially also set to the tune of the Marseillaise, until 1888 when its original music was composed and the song became the standard anthem of the socialist movement. Both anthems have undergone major changes in their political connotations: from revolution, restoration, socialism, resistance and patriotism, to additional associations with colonization and oppression in the second half of the twentieth century (as national anthems of France and the Soviet Union, respectively). Yet to this day their meaning remains in flux, as the two songs continue to be appropriated. Take Over makes audible the close relationship of these two political anthems and mines the musical kinship for traces of this changing symbolic significance.


“Heavy Metal Body” by Angela Bulloch

Three new sculptures which expand the body of work that Angela Bulloch has been developing since 2014, will be presented in a flexible-use space adjacent to the main exhibition area. Each of the Stacks offers a distinct rhythm created by the variations in shape, size and color of its elements. The surface of the vertically assembled rhomboid shapes, painted in a combination of light, bright or dark colors, creates an optical illusion of pushing and pulling planes. Designed within a digital imaging program, each stacked rhombus appears distinct while at the same time relating to the others. From one side the irregular aspect dominates, while from another the impression of a certain totemic regularity prevails. By using contemporary technology to transpose Euclidian geometry into a three-dimensional sphere, the artist conjures up sculptures in a weightless space, allowing virtuality and reality to coexist.


“Love Story” by Candice Breitz


Opening: Candice Breitz, Love Story, 2016. Featuring Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore. 7-Channel Installation

Where: Brunnenstrasse 9, 10119 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-10pm


“Alec, you’re famous! People will listen to you,” says Alec Baldwin to himself, a few moments before sharing the details of his arrest in Cairo, his journey to Italy on a desperately overcrowded fishing boat, and his eventual arrival in the unfamiliar city of Berlin on a rainy day in September 2015. Cut. Julianne Moore briefly fixes her hair. And then recounts the brutal attack that she and her children survived back home, shattering what had been a comfortable life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and leaving her with no choice but to smuggle herself and her children – via an endless journey in the back of a windowless truck – towards an uncertain future in an unknown country. In our first encounter with Love Story, Moore and Baldwin address us via a large projection, to speak of past anguish and hope for the future, of forced migration and loss, but also of the comfort of safety, friendship and love. They send shivers down our spines. We feel for them and with them, although the experiences that they articulate are obviously not their own and – for the most part – unlikely to be ours. Such is the power of cinema. Who would deny its ability to create illusion?


“The stone that the builder refused” by Jose Dávila – “Holle-Vanderbilt” by Michaela Meise – “Eight Miles High” by Anselm Reyle

König Galerie

Opening: Jose Dávila, “The stone that the builder refused” – Michaela Meise, “Holle-Vanderbilt” – Anselm Reyle, “Eight Miles High”

Where: Alexandrinenstr. 118-121, 10969 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm

“The stone that the builders refused” the quotation taken from The Book of Psalms, 118:22 is also the title for a solo exhibition by the Mexican artist Jose Dávila. The show features an installation that seems to defy the laws of physics.

“Holle-Vanderbilt”, a solo exhibition by the artist Michaela Meise relating to the fairytale of Mother Holle and the life of the American artist Gloria Vanderbilt. The show includes objects borrowed from everyday life, furniture sculptures, and one ceramic.

The work of Anselm Reyle is intimately linked to Modernism, borrowing, critiquing, and reinventing its conventions all at once. His show solo show “Eight Miles High” will be on view at König Galerie from April 29th, onwards.


Behind the Screen – An Art Tribute to Isabelle Huppert by

Marco Brambilla, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Christian Jankowski, Oda Jaune

Michael Fuchs Galerie

Opening: Behind the Screen – An Art Tribute to Isabelle Huppert

Marco Brambilla, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Christian Jankowski, Oda Jaune

Where: Auguststrasse 11-13, 10117 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm


The exhibition celebrates French actress Isabelle Huppert. Featuring a series of photographs and videos by Marco Brambilla, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Christian Jankowski and Oda Jaune, the show focuses on certain aspects of Huppert’s multi-faceted personality. The central work is Roni Horn’s serial work around the French actress Isabelle Huppert “Portrait of an Image” consisting of one hundred photographs, created in 2005.


“Cancelled” by Caleb Considine, Melvin Edwards

Galerie Buchholz

Opening: Caleb Considine “Cancelled”, Melvin Edwards

Where: Fasanenstrasse 30, 10719 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm


“Cancelled” by Caleb Considine

In a couple of older paintings by Caleb Considine, we see an object directly referencing a passage from a novel—an accordion stretching out the word ‘pessimism’; or a foam cannonball etched with a specific phrase—shown sitting among studio clutter. The object is stranded between realms; it is a deposit from a series of transfers or insertions, from narrative description on the page, to materializing on a studio couch in Brooklyn, then again to a flat rendering on the canvas. Along the way, its meaning has been dislocated. And this suspense of subject matter seems to hold true with the other things the artist paints, whether from fiction or fragments of reality. There is an absence to the images as they are painted—the vacant face of a best friend, a subway platform sucked of people, an object that already is substituting for something else—that suggests they are not where the content lies. But then these are not images simply made in the service of observational realist painting, either; they are too clearly singled out for that. This sense of content being astray has to do also with the process’ vying for significance. The paintings’ rendering is daily and insistently on the surface, though still not expressive enough to overtake the subject. The things are faithfully reconstituted.


Melvin Edwards

A solo exhibition featuring works from 1970 to today by the artist Melvin Edwards: born in Houston in 1937, currently lives and works in New York.


“Die Editionen” by Sigmar Polke

 me Collectors Room

Opening: Sigmar Polke, “Die Editionen”

Where: Auguststrasse 68, 10117 Berlin

When: 28.04.2017, 6-9pm


The complete editioned works of Sigmar Polke, one of the most important contemporary artists, will be on view from 28 April until 27 August 2017 at Berlin at me Collectors Room, featuring approximately 200 works from the collection Kunstraum am Limes.

The artist’s editioned works hold a special place within his oeuvre. For Sigmar Polke (b. 1941 Oels, now Oleśnica/Poland, d. 2010 Cologne), editions were a further opportunity for intensive and excessive variations on his experiments. Like an alchemist, he expected different techniques to bend to the will of his creative ego and so his editioned works comprise objects, books, portfolios, photographs, photocopies, collages, and numerous prints. Sigmar Polke’s images are products of his world and surroundings. They reveal many traces of the changing society of the postwar years. Trivial scenes, the banality of everyday life, ambitions of the middle classes, national and international politics – all of this, he put under a microscope to consider and analyze. This enabled him to convey a unique picture of reality, shot through with irony, humour, and pointed criticism.


Text and photo: PR, courtesy of the artists and galleries.

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