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Die Modelagentur Anti Agency verfolgt einen ganz eigenen Ansatz und setzt auf ausgefallene Persönlichkeiten: Gründerin Lucy Greene berichtet uns in einem Q&A warum ihre Agentur anders ist.

Foto: Kate Bellm

Interview: Why did you feel the need to found Anti Agency?

Lucy Greene: At the time there was either your standard modelling agency who only represented girls that were tall or skinny enough – personality or style didn’t really come into the equation. Of course, if the model had those attributes it was a massive bonus but definitely not a priority, or there were your very commercial agencies, which were much more cheesy, and catalogues only. Neither celebrated character of diversity.

We knew so many cool, gorgeous talented people our age, who were all doing amazing and interesting things and who we found just fascinating! These people had something to say, they stood up for what they believed in, they were unique and fabulous- and it shone through in how they looked…  They had purposely avoided joining standard agencies because they didn’t want to be pigeon holed models having to abide by the standard spoken / unspoken rules of model agencies. They didn’t want to be told to lose weight or that they’re too short, how to dress, to not have tattoos, and to not colour their hair as they please. Their visual identity is an extension of their creativity and they wanted to priortise their own creative careers, and be taken seriously for it.

And so we set up Anti-Agency, a place for people who are defined by much more than modelling. People with real lives on the verge of exploding in the arts, politics, fashion, activism and music etc.  We wanted to represent authentic brand ambassadors with loud voices who are real.

Fotos: Kate Bellm, Collage: Gesa Rusch

Interview: How do you recruit your cast?

Lucy Greene: We don’t actually do ‘casting trips’ like most agencies. We started off with just our friends and friends of friends. Now we find talent everywhere, walking down the street, the tube, concerts, art exhibitions, galleries, clubs, shopping! None of it is ever pre-empted… its all a very natural process. We get an overwhelming number of submissions also, on a global scale— which is great. That way we’ve found some really incredible people doing really amazing things in all sorts of countries. Instagram is also a really good way to find people… it also shows you a bit more what the person is about, what their interested in etc..

Fotos: Kate Bellm, Collage: Gesa Rusch

Interview: In what way do your models differ from conventinal models?

Lucy Greene: Anti-Models definately stand out… Not only do they have loud personalities but they dress loudly too! You can spot them a mile off at castings haha. Our talent are represented for who THEY are… not how we want them to be. We want them to put their careers first and celebrate them for the unique talents that they are. They’re all very indiviudal and doing great things other then modelling. As time has gone on and the agency has evolved, we now have a high volume of models wanting to leave their conventional agencies to come to us. Mainly because they have another primary interest and they just don’t want to be represented as just a face. They don’t want to be told how to dress, how to look, to lose weight- and they want to be celebrated for who they are and what they do.

Fotos: Kate Bellm, Collage: Gesa Rusch

Interview: Why is it important that your models have „a real live“ in art, music or other creative work?

Lucy Greene: On a personal level, I like to work with people that inspire me – and that I can learn from. I think clients and brands are feeling the same – especially now with social media… You can see in to who everybody actually is… People are much more drawn to somebody who has something to say, and doing something interesting with themselves.

Fotos: Kate Bellm

Fotos: Kate Bellm, MUP: Lauren Reynolds

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