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DAISY references range from the imagery of American runaway/outlaw movies, badass ladies like Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers, Karen Black in Easy Rider, Sissy Spacek in Badlands, Shelley Duvall in Nashville to capturing the spirit of girlhood, the tenderness of youth and exploring the era of adolescence, where innocence is at a crossroads with emerging sexuality. There is something very Lolita, Virgin Suicides going on at all times. DAISY girl is pure and innocent yet very sexual and liberating. She is exactly what the ‘new generation’ is all about.

Gibson and Renee Fox, who are the names behind the brand were prior starting DAISY, both much-integrated parts of the fashion world. They have worked for i-D, Oyster, and VICE as a photography/styling team. They’ve created FEELTHEFUTURE F.T.F., and now they are masterminding DAISY.

We sat down with the pair to talk their collaboration, upcoming collection and their future on NYFW.

What is your world/fashion about?

DAISY is a fantasy wardrobe for women to explore archetypal femininity in the extreme. The world where the intimate and the provocative coexist. Simultaneously pure and erotic.

Are you confident doing what you do?

Our past styling & photography work had been fun, but nothing really compares to DAISY where we bring our own imaginings to life. It’s something tangible that people take home, absorb, reinterpret, it becomes part of their expression of themselves. We’ve connected with #DAISYGIRLS all around the world; Petra Collins, Arvida Bystrom, Ali Michael and so many other inspirational women who are on the same wavelength. Their appreciation has given us new confidence, to be honest, and true to ourselves.

Prior DAISY, there was FEELTHEFUTURE. F.T.F, tell me more.

FEELTHEFUTURE. F.T.F was an online multimedia platform for collaboration/experimentation where we created film & photographic projects with emerging designers, artists, models and musicians. The experience of working with so many different people and sharing ideas and influences eventually helped shape our own personal perspective, two years later we launched DAISY.

DAISY is an opportunity for us to execute a vision that is purely our own, different to any of the collaborative work we’d produced in the past. Every aspect of DAISY we create ourselves, just the two of us, so the outcome is a very pure concentrated expression of our feelings.

What were your expectations at the beginning?

We didn’t have any. We thought of DAISY as a creative outlet while we worked on other things. When Opening Ceremony picked us up in season one, and Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid were dressing in DAISY it opened a path to a global community which has made a huge impact on us. We’re beyond excited to be showing SS18 at New York Fashion Week this year which still feels surreal.

How does season three differ from previous two?

‚Heavenly Bodies‘ is an exploration of the physical & emotional landscapes of American serial killers. It’s about the fantasy of fear. We looked into the personal histories of Richard ‚The Nightstalker‘ Ramirez, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dhamer and Ted Bundy – where they lived, how they dressed, the way they wrote and spoke – to understand the motivation behind murder, the romanticism of violence, a fascination with death and then – what lies beyond.

If you had to pair a song with this upcoming collection, which would that be?

Salem – Tair.

When creating, are you each season designing for a different girl or there is always this one that is evolving throughout out the seasons?

Our girl is a fantasy. She could be anyone.

For whom does she dress?

We’ve never thought about DAISY as dressing for someone else. It’s designed for the person wearing it, not the person viewing it.

Do you think people in fashion take themselves to serious?

Not at all. You are what you put out into the world. Fashion is a very immediate mode of communication, it’s visual and direct. It gives an instant impression of the personality within, so it’s worthwhile putting thought into the way we dress.

What do you think matters the most in the end?


Words by Katja Horvat

Photos: courtesy of DAISY