Das litauische Model Giedre Dukauskaite ist Vintage-Liebhaberin und als Inbegriff der eklektischen Eleganz und modernen Zeitlosigkeit Botschafterin von Marken wie Céline, Repossi und Prada. Obendrein ist sie das wohl bestangezogendste Model, das sich derzeit herumtreibt. Wir haben sie zu ihren Stil-Entscheidungen befragt.

Foto: via Instagram @giedre.dukauskaite

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable elegance on-the-go.

Why is your look so relevant to designers today?

I think the classic beauty, which I count myself into in a modern way, is having a moment. A natural look and a non-styled, unruly but strong haircut can easily empower women – I hit the whole trinity.

How do you put your outfits together?

Normally I go with my instinct. I try on an outfit, if it works together and makes me feel confident – it works. I like matching colors and textures and love to be on the limit between playful and timeless.

Foto: via Instagram @giedre.dukauskaite

Which brands dominate in your closet?

At the moment it is above all Céline, Acne Studios, L’art de L’automobile, Off-White, Nike and lot of vintage pieces.

Where do you like to go vintage-shopping best?

My best way to find special vintage pieces is check out all the cities I travel to. San Francisco, Paris, New York, L.A.m Berlin – I look for them everywhere. Also I like to check online (for example on Ebay).

Which jewelry brands are your favorite?

There are so many amazing brands! My favorites are Careering from Japan, Céline (again!), Repossi and Studio Mason.

How do you see the modern woman of today?

She is intelligent, independent, responsible and motivated.

Foto: via Instagram @giedre.dukauskaite

Who are your style-icons? 

Carolyn Bessette, Carrie Bradshaw, a touch of Queen of England, a touch of Supreme. You see – I told you I like to play around. 

How do you put an outfit together?

The most important thing about an outfit is that it has to give me confidence. Does it fit my skin tone? Does it work on my body shape? Does it work for the occasion I’m wearing it for? 

How would you describe your face to a blind person?

We are sure that this person is blind, right? I would say I have the prettiest oval face, with high cheeks, a small chin and radiant soft skin with the cutest freckles. I have drop-dead gorgeous deep green eyes with long batting eyelashes, full pink lips and the most beautiful smile on earth. 

What is your weakness?

My weakness is believing that everyone is good. 

Foto: via Instagram @giedre.dukauskaite

Is it important for you to be satisfied with your appearance?

It probably matters to most people to be happy with their appearance. After all, we all live in our bodies. However, I think that the key to being happy with your appearance is acceptance and love. 

What is your style advice for every woman?

Take a picture of your outfit before you leave the house. You’ll be able to tell if it really works. And for your Make-Up – take the picture with a flash, to be sure it is well blended! 

What’s your muse’s name?

Princess Diana.

Foto: via Instagram @giedre.dukauskaite

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