Julian Klincewicz, “Pure, desire”

A lot of things have been said or written in the past year regarding Julian. Usually everyone writes about his collaborations, which are amazing (Julian worked for Acne, Calvin Klein, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Super Sunglasses, Kanye, Eckhaus Latta….), but let us write about him.

Julian Klincewicz is incredibly kind. He is inclusive, has an immense amount of compassion and he treats people with respect. He listens when needed but also speaks his mind, again, when needed. Everything he achieved he did it on his own. There is no fortunate background, zero shortcuts, there is just his talent, his determination and really good support system that has allowed him to grow and progress. Julian is one of the people many love to envy, many love to love and many love to hate (out of jealousy). He is very young but very old at the same time, his soul is old. He has great taste in music, one of his firsts loves is skateboarding and (taken from a comment war between Hick and Disemodiedsoul), “he is a polymath, even tho the nigga does no science or mathematics.”

We sat down with Julian prior his “Pure, desire” opening in Tokyo. “Pure, desire” is a collaborative exhibition which he did together with Grace Ahlbom.


What is your current state of mind?

Total flux. Quarter-life-crisis. Everything is really amazing and everyday feels like the end of the world.

What would your ideal office look like?

A big slight white space with a little wear around the walls & a few floors above ground level with high ceilings & bathed in sunlight – the kind that feels a little warm / a little gold – if it’s my dream it’s golden hour for almost ever. It has a wall of plants, and the plants come down and out and there’s Kudzu tunnels. There’s room to dance and organized piles of paper books, and there’s no telephones. The floors are hard wood worn in but a new shine but not so worn that if you were to slide in your socks you would get splinters. This space is large – you can play guitar in it with room to move & grove and live into a lil R&R (rock & roll & rest & relaxation) if you so desired (I desire sometimes), but not so big that it feels empty – The only empty space is that which gets moved around and in through & there’s only some to spare between your head and the high ceilings, and there’s silks hanging over the windows to give the light a little extra glow like Honey.

Do you like shared work places or do you prefer to work alone?

It sort of depends… If I’m trying to really make something I need to be alone in silence – Very very rarely can I work with music on (only if I’m writing what the sounds say) & never with a movie or show on. But if I’m just sending emails, or editing photos – it’s nice to be around someone else who is also working – where you’re working separately, together.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Any sense of ego. I think of the work I make as a more, or maybe the most honest version of myself, so when I start to mistake my work for me, I think it’s a small peep of the ego coming through and it feels gross.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Complacency in combination with a weak will – When someone loss’s the will to push forwards and over come their mistakes. But I have empathy for anyone in that position, because everyone needs empathy & love.


Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I think recently I’ve been saying “Nice!” a lot.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Art & The Moon & The Mind & Family is in a division of it’s own.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

The moment after violence in a crime of passion I would imagine to be worse than poison. I’ve never lost a child though – I’d imagine that would be un-comparable.

What is your favorite occupation?

I think as a collective group – teachers – a good teacher – holds the most respect from me.

What is your most treasured possession?

Too many to count in the material, but I think that sometimes I can truly feel love from others surpasses the physical in everyway.

Do you watch porn?

“Ballet Down the Highway” from 1975 – the colors are amazing.

“UP” has some of the best title sequences I’ve ever seen.

What do you think about sexuality on social media?


If it gives the individual true validation, Release, and fulfilment, then it serves a purpose beyond my judgment…Everyone deserves to feel sexy sometime and the way each person gets that feeling varies depending on their experience & what they like.

I think more often than not though it objectifies & influences the (often young) individual in a way that I feel a little sad & empathetic.


 If it helps someone identify & feel supported by like-minded or substantially different minded but supportive peers (peers who are OPEN to being educated on the wide variety of sexual identities): That’s totally amazing.
I think it’s also hard to understand sexuality without having physical experiences though, so finding a connection solely through non-tangible connection is dangerous in it’s own way, but I think it’s great that that connection can exist and help people who need it.

When are you coming for a visit?

Not soon enough!

What kind of angry are you?

Toxic. I usually end up getting more mad at myself for being mad in the first place.


Which song could have passed as the most annoying song you have ever heard?

Oh my gosh – someone was playing “Lil Peep” or something the other day and classified it as “This is the hottest shit out right now – it’s like rap, but with that suburban AOL Angst.” I think it’s the only time I’ve ever felt true disgust for someone over a song, although I’m really mad at THE WEEKND for his new album “Starboy.” I think he had the opportunity to truly push culture forwards, the same way Kanye or Frank Ocean did with their last albums and instead he made some middle of the road self-centered break up songs with him as a center piece. Keep in mind, though, I respect and appreciate that he is a truly talented artist, and making the songs he did takes tremendous skill & understanding/music craftsmanship, I just think he could have made something innovative too.

Can art influence your mood?

Yes. Art can do anything.

How do you pick titles for your own art?

It depends on what it is. Usually I try to figure out what the work is actually saying and then put that into the title in an unpretentious way…

What is your favorite movie?

Taking Off by Milos Forman.

And lastly, what is ‚pure desire‘?

For me ‚pure-desire‘ is really the exploration of the things that make us young. Things that a lot of people label as ‚youth‘. There’s this connotation that as we get older the idea and feeling of ‚desire‘ become very muddied, it can become sexual, it can morph into envy, it’s roots (and by root I mean the beginning or core of the feeling) begin to sprout from places of dis-honest intention. But at sixteen, that desire, the unbridled longing to see the world, to make something of yourself, to be free, to be a star, to be nothing; the possibility that all of that can come true – infinite potential, it is so pure, so unadulterated (or if adulterated, the teenage experience is often so visceral that that adulteration is itself a form of honest or pure expression informed by the end of the world happening, everyday that is, often, being a teenager, entails) that it embodies what the essence of desire is.

So the first portion of the project is a series of about 20 photographs. The longer term of it is a full exhibition accompanied by a publication.

“Pure, desire” a collaboration between Julian Klincewicz and Grace Ahlbom opens at Temporary Contemporary, Tokyo, March 18th and will be on view until March 23rd.

Text: Katja Horvat

Photo: Julian Klincewicz and Grace Ahlbom