Kingsman 2:
Der Duft zum Film

Zum Start von Kingsman 2 sprachen wir mit den Machern des Duftes, den die Schauspieler im Film tragen und der jetzt für jeden Fan erhältlich ist.

Since the launch of his critically acclaimed, Kingsman: Secret Service in 2014, writer/director/producer, Matthew Vaughn, has found such a fan base for his fresh, playful, debonair take on the spy leading man, amongst all ages and demographics, that he’s introduced a ‘costume to collection’ partnership. Following on his from successful clothing range for the first film, with the September release of the much anticipated sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, he’s enlisted the skills of London’s favourite bespoke perfume creator, Azzi Glasser of The Perfumer’s Story, to create a fragrance both for the stellar cast getting into character and for those avid Kingsman fans who can now buy into their favourite spy’s characteristics and boys-with-the-toys world.  Glasser and Vaughn spoke to Interview about this exclusive collaboration – the first of its kind – conveying a sense of smell on film, and a Kingsman backstory.


Interview: How did the Kingsman: Golden Circle costume to collection partnership with The Perfumer’s Story – the first collaboration of its kind – come about?

Matthew Vaughn: Smell is an impossible sense to convey on film and I knew that Azzi Glasser was the only person who could create a fragrance that would directly transport you into the world of being a Kingsman. It was the obvious extension for the Kingsman brand – building a character not just in the film but to find different avenues to bring him to life.

Azzi Glasser: I was thinking about my new collaboration for this year when Matthew approached me. Last year, it was an exclusive with the photographer, Rankin, and previously a music producer, so I thought a film director such as Matthew would be a great partnership – especially with the Kingsman being quintessentially British, having that character and style that is very prominent – it was a new type of genre (spy film) for me that I hadn’t worked with before.

Interview: What was the process from idea to execution? Did you both sit down to talk about a backstory or how did the character evolve?

Azzi Glasser: I think the backstory of what the Kingsman has gone through to get to the point he is at today came to me quite instinctively but it was fascinating to sit down with Matthew and talk about his vision for the character from the get-go, and his process and thoughts in a very artisan manner, which is similar to mine. I asked him similar questions I would ask an actor such as about his style, the clothes the Kingsman wear, the personality how he is portrayed to others around him, how his own character gives him confidence and excels him to be the best at what he does. And the Kingsman loves richness in life, he likes the best of everything, the latest gadgets, it’s someone that has everything. So I thought this fragrance has to be unique – very debonair, really intelligent, well read, as he has a heritage about him, he’s very charismatic. The idea is when you wear the Kingsman fragrance you feel you are a part of that character and you have that confidence, it’s mood enhancing, makes you feel more sensual and attractive to others, and it leads a trail behind so people can take the memory of the Kingsman with them.

Matthew Vaughn: I relied heavily on Azzi to interpret the qualities and value of a Kingsman. It was important that when it was worn the scent would speak to those qualities and convey a refined confidence in the wearer, and just importantly, to those around him.

The Kingsman films are a pastiche of the spy genre and the early Bond films – What were the challenges to creating a ‘costume to collection’ item that reflected both the heritage spy genre with a modern day, humorous, playful twist?

Azzi Glasser: Yes exactly. I think that makes the film more interesting – I like the young feel of the Kingsman – so I wanted the fragrance to have a freshness – you can be young and smell expensive!  It’s also a fragrance that people can aspire to as well – when you are wearing it whatever age you are. So to create the story and tell it through my ingredients, whilst Matthew is doing it through his characters, I’ve mainly taken notes of Earl Grey, Neroli Absolute, Elemi Oil and Laurel leaf – to create the sense of someone debonair, sensual and charismatic.

Why did you feel it was in keeping with the character to have an ‘Eau De Parfum’ rather than just smell conveyed as a sense? And what did it bring to cast during production?

Matthew Vaughn: The Kingsman brand is truly for the modern gentleman, and what we are doing now with scent, updating a classic into something fresh and unique, we’re taking what we learned on the first film with the fashion line and expanding that into different avenues. So it’s about thinking outside the box and having fun – we got you dressed on the first film, now we’re giving you the accessories.

Azzi Glasser: It’s great to have something in a bottle that can transport you into the Kingsman world – another way of experiencing the film through a different sense.  In a similar way to when you watch a film and it brings out your emotions and memories, perfume has the same ability and depths to do that, so it felt like a perfect marriage between the two.

And how do you hope those who buy the perfume will be able to relate to the perfume and it will transport them into the Kingsman world?

Azzi Glasser: Well everyone we have tested the fragrance with and even Colin Firth(Harry Hart) and Taron Egerton (Eggsy) when they smelt it for the first time felt transported. And interestingly you have Taron whose in his twenties and Colin whose older but both the fragrance gave them different emotions – that’s the thing about fragrance it means different things to different people – so you can experience the character and style and with the Kingsman there’s a voyeurism aspect to it, you think I want to be him, he gets the gadgets and all the girls, the fast cars, clothing and you think if I smell like him, I will get all those things too – it’s spreading the DNA around him!

The upcoming ‘costume to collection’ range for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, including the fragrance will launch globally in September 2017, alongside the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The Perfumers Story is available at
To view the official first trailer of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, click here.
Words by Davina Catt
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