"Ich spiele die Frau von James Franco. Es wird ziemlich düster."

Sie hasst L.A., Timbaland ist an ihren Gesangskünsten verzweifelt und für ihre Rolle in „Empire“ hat sie Lee Daniels gestalkt: 17 Dinge, die Sie noch nicht über Courtney Love wussten.

Courtney Love hat schon viele Karrieren durchlaufen und mindestens genauso viele Hochs und Tiefs überlebt. Inzwischen hat sich die Hole-Sängerin und Witwe von Kurt Cobain einen Namen in Hollywood gemacht und spielt unter anderem in der Erfolgsserie Empire. Für Citizens of Humanity hat sie sich von Girls-Darstellerin Jemima Kirk interviewen lassen. And this is what we learned about Courtney!

1. She doesn’t like living in Los Angeles

„It’s ironic, I don’t love it at all; I lived here for 20 something years of my life. After living in New York for so long, I don’t like it, but I’m getting a lot of acting jobs here. So by being here I’m getting jobs, I just got this film, so I’ll be fine. So that’s why I live in L.A., because most of the [film] community is here. A lot of the theater community is in New York. There are some serious great actresses, like Julianne Moore, who live in New York as well. Hopefully I can get to the level where I can move back. Also, I’m really near my daughter, a few blocks down. Not that I see her every day, but we do spend the night like once a week or something.“

2. She is starring in a new film with James Franco as his wife and brothel madam

“It’s called The Long Home, with James Franco and I’m sure there’s not going to be any problems with the offer or anything. It’s like a southern gothic, moon-shiny film, I’m his wife. It’s a good role. I’m happy about it. There’s going to be some revisions, but I’m basically a hooker who is his [James Franco’s wife]; he’s a moonshiner and I run like his brothel, so the first time you see me, I’m doing something sexual with a sailor. It’s pretty dark.“

3. She needs good co-stars:

„I’m really emphatic and unfortunately reactive, so I can’t really hold my own If somebody sucks, I’ll probably suck, and if somebody’s really good, then I’ll come up to their level.“

4. She didn’t get sent her role for Empire, she stalked Lee Daniels for it:

„I didn’t get sent that role. I didn’t pursue – more like stalk. I wrote Lee Daniels and said: “Hi, I’m a big fan. Love, Courtney Love,” and like two minutes later my phone rings and it was Lee Daniels and he said: “I’m doing this little show; no one knows if it’s going to be a hit or not, but will you take a part on it?” and I said: “Absolutely, what’s the part?”“

5. Timbaland told her she couldn’t sing:

“It [the role] was supposed to be R&B, and I can’t sing R&B. It’s kind of a really funny story: initially, he wanted me to sing this Patti LaBelle song that not even Patti LaBelle can sing anymore, with such crazy high Mariah notes right, and there were like four or five Fox executives on the phone. I sang it to [them] and they were cringing like, “Oh my god, you can’t sing that”. I was so bad at it. So then they sent me down to Timbaland to Hit Factory and we came to the compromise that I would sing Take Me to The River. The first night Timbaland was all “what is the deal with this girl who can’t hit notes?” and he’s very musically intelligent, but I was like well, “You know, think Patti Smith, think Bob Dylan” and he said “okay, I get it, I get it”, but it was really funny for the first two hours. He was like “well, can you hit this note?” and I’m like “no, I’ve never hit that note”.

6. She has difficulty crying on cue:

„I hate doing it. Look, in my whole career I’ve only pulled off crying on cue one time, and that was in Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey. And he has cancer in the movie. All day long I was walking around with all these triggers, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, and then it’s time to cue the scene and I’m all worked up! In the scene in Empire where I’m crying because she’s taking my drugs from me, I had to mist my eyes with it, but then I did start to really cry.“

7. She’s been taking acting classes:

„I’m taking acting classes and that’s where the stamina is, and my acting coach is excellent and I go to class a lot and the more I get on stage and do deeper stuff, the more I really want to do a play. I mean, I’ve done enough films to know how to save up my energy for the take and then give it on the take and do that, but I was never trained before in the ’90s when I was doing films, and so now I’ve decided to really go for being trained, you know, take on Shakespeare, take on things that are really difficult and challenging for me.”

8. She is reaching for a play about rockers who don’t make it:

„I just read for this play; it takes months and months to set these things up. I don’t want to say what it is, but it’s a good one. It’s a play about what happens to rockers – this role is about me. It’s a play of what happens to rockers who don’t make it, so what happens to say, someone in Helium 10 years from now, you know? Helium was an indie band that I took on tour back when you were a fetus. Like what happens to those bands, or Super Furry Animals or whatever, that didn’t make it. So it’s meta, in the sense that there’s lines like: “I don’t get nervous, I’ve opened for Thurston Moore,” you know? She gets a Matador deal and betrays her son over it. It’s a meta play. It’s not me, but it’s in my wheelhouse, so it’s really, really interesting and I really want to do it.

9. Acting on screen & on stage is harder than concert performances:

„I have fidgeting issues, I have hand issues, I have issues with my physicality, like keeping a posture straight and all this stuff that I have to think about that when on film or TV. In rock ’n’ roll it’s really about being as vulnerable as possible and giving them what they want. But onstage it’s about pausing, about internal life, it’s about internal triggers – that’s one of the reasons I’m really challenged to do a play.”

10. It way BYO dress on the Empire set:

„They [the producers of Empire] spent a fortune on everything and the wardrobe department kind of suffered, so it was every man for himself, because no one knew it was a hit yet. When Naomi Campbell came on she hired a stylist. I called Marchesa and got a gown; they were really kind about it, but people didn’t want to take a chance on an unknown show yet, and then it blew up.“

11. People are getting over her 90s persona:

„It’s coming undone—it’s definitely going away.”

12. Even in her darkest day, she never made enemies in Hollywood:

„I mean, even when I stepped out from doing films and had a dark period, I never did anything dark on a set, so I never made enemies on a set. I never was a bad girl on a set; I always considered films a really sacred space, so when I had my problems, I had them very much away from the film community.”

13. She has regrets:

„I have a lot of regrets, of course I do. I shouldn’t have married that one, I should have taken that part; I should have maybe married that one, I don’t know, but I didn’t. So I am what I am and I’m pretty confident that I can break in. I think what I have to offer on film and on television is honest and I’m more disciplined than I was ever before.”

14. She has a great relationship with Lana Del Rey:

„She’s young enough to be my daughter – it’s kind of weird. I was like, “Lana, come to London to the British Fashion Awards with me,” and she was like, “OK. If I do that, then you have to do a little bit of my tour,” and I was like, “OK, I’ll do a little bit of your tour.” That (the tour with Lana Del Rey) led to me writing two songs and I’m dropping a single. One’s called Died Blonde and the other one’s called Miss Narcissist, and Miss Narcissist is like the catchiest song of my career so far. It’s not mastered yet, but I’ve heard it mixed and it’s really good and modern sounding but still grungy and rock. I don’t think it’s going to end up on Billboard or on radio, but there’s enough outlets for alternative radio that it will end up there.”

15. Sexism in rock still exists:

„By the way, if you’re in L.A. and you listen to KROQ, they don’t play a lot of chicks. They play me a little, they play Paramore a little, they play No Doubt a little, and that’s sort of it. I’m the last chick on alternative radio that they’ll play, and it’s really kind of stupid. It’s so hard for rock ’n’ roll right now – it’s so hard. I have someone really close to me who is in a rock band and they’re excellent, they’re the best rock band I’ve heard in years, and they signed an old school deal with Interscope but it’s really a struggle and it’s a struggle just to be middle class. I’m not talking big houses and art collections. I’m talking about just getting by.”

16. She is friendly with Miley Cyrus:

“Miley Cyrus asked me to like come and have a drink with her at the Chateau, so I went and had coffee with her. I ended up taking her over to Brett Ratner’s, who’s basically my best friend in town. It’s like a salon – you go over to Brett’s house, you never know who you’re going to meet. Michel Gondry could be there or like porn stars from the Valley. It’s really fun. You never know who’s going to be at Brett’s house – it’s awesome. I have not made any music with Miley Cyrus. I don’t know that that would be a good match, but she’s really put together and smart. I liked her a lot.”

17. She’s not into doing a TED Talk:

“I got asked to speak at TED – they want me to speak on “reputation.” I’m thinking, rather than speak on it, why don’t I just prove it? You know what I mean? Rather than discuss it out loud in front of the world, why don’t I just prove it and then maybe speak on it after I’ve proven it? Take a bad reputation and turn it into a good one, take all those things that were hideous and turn poison into medicine. So that’s my answer to that.“

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