Heron Preston

Er ist ein Künstler der Post-Internet-Generation: Creative Director, Content-Macher, Designer und DJ – Der Smalltalk mit Heron Preston aus der aktuellen Herbst-Ausgabe.

Been Trill is a creative collective that was formed by three masterminds of our generation, way before anyone even knew they exist. Now, all three are shaping the fashion world. Matthew Williams has Alyx, Virgil Abloh has Off White, and Heron Preston is/has Heron Preston. Maybe it is bluntly to say Heron is shaping just the fashion world, as at this point he is shaping the Millennials, he is shaping the youths. He knows he has the power, and he is doing his best to address the problems, find solutions and bring awareness. Kids follow his every move, and as long as his moves are good, the kids are good.


You’ve worked with Nike, you collaborated with Kanye, you co-founded Been Trill with Virgil Abloh and Matthew Williams, you exhibited work at galleries, you did NASCAR T-shirts, you were artist-in-residence at NYC’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY). What is your proudest moment thus far?

I’d say it was the DSNY “UNIFORM” project. It was the first time that both of us had done a project like this. We broke a boundary – created a new lane. That is what I consider “doing it for the culture.” Pushing possibilities for the next generation of creative. It was the hardest project to pull off, and that is why I did it. Not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

You are very vocal about pollution in the apparel industry and how you want to address/tackle the problem. Your uniform collection with DSNY was all about minimizing waste. How do you see things progressing from here onwards, though?

Right now I am interested in “upcycled” ideas and will continue to do projects around this concept. One day I also hope to eliminate all of the packaging used to ship my products around the world. There are many ways to tackle the issue along the life cycle of a product. It all starts with curiosity on how to change.

Your dad, who was a Police officer, got you into uniforms at a very young age. How does he feel about the work you make?

He believes in me. He’s always been my biggest supporter! He likes my work because it keeps him smiling.

You have quite a followership that is mostly young, cool kids – do you think they even understand the problems you are addressing, or they just want your clothes because it’s cool to wear Heron Preston?

I think some care and some are just in it for the hype. But I think the core HP consumers really do care. They are reading into what I’m doing, and feeling it on a very deep level. My core fans stay curious and are asking questions, starting their own conversations on the subjects that my clothes are sparking. It’s awesome to see the positive influence the Heron Preston brand seems to be producing.


You debuted at Men’s Paris Fashion Week. Why Paris?

Paris is the ultimate stage in fashion and it was important for me to be a part of that and it felt like a natural extension of the story of my brand. My team, New Guards Group (the same fashion group as Off White), works out of Paris and Milan as well so it also made logical sense to debut in Paris.

Not even that long ago streetwear was not considered as luxury. Fast forward to ‘today,’ streetwear is everywhere, and it is luxury. But don’t you think that the street aspect takes away the luxury one?

We live in an age where rules are constantly being broken, traditions are being questions and ideas are being challenged. I don’t think anything is being taken away – everything is being elevated. New stories are being told, but that doesn’t make the old ones any less legit.

Do you think fashion people take themselves too seriously?

(laughs) Oh for sure. I see myself as much more of an outsider within the fashion industry. I didn’t go the traditional fashion route – my story is a bit different. So when I get to look from the inside of the industry, it just makes me laugh a bit. Some fashion people can be really over the top.

Your dream project is working with NASA. How is it going so far?

Good. I have been in touch with them (laughs).


Interview: Katja Horvat

Fotos: Courtesy of Heron Preston

Instagram: @heronpreston