Vitali Gelwich fotografiert die Gesichter der Nacht

Ob im Club oder in der Restaurantküche: Der Berliner Fotograf dokumentiert für Skyy die Vielseitigkeit der Szene.


In conversation with Simon Denny

When someone says art, the majority usually thinks of the ‘great’ painters like let say, Picasso, Dali, Kahlo, Monet, etc. When someone says technology, people think of smartphones, robots, …


Alison Wilding, ‘Acanthus Asymmetrically’

Alison Wilding is an English sculptor and interpreter of form. Her work has been shown and collected all around the world. From Serpentine Gallery, MoMA NY, retrospective at Tate Liverpool in 1991 to …


Chloe Wise, ‘I have bad taste in people but good taste in myself’

Chloe Wise is a multidisciplinary artist with quite the deadpan, quirky presence. Her paintings are recognizable for the array of playful female characters that usually pose alongside any type of …


In conversation with Croatian contemporary dancer Matija Ferlin

Matija Ferlin is a performer who graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Upon completing his studies, he moved to Berlin where he worked and lived for several years. After …



Defying the hierarchies between art and design ‘MIDTOWN’ exhibition features sculpture, furniture, vessels, baskets, tapestries, and paintings.


Distorted world of Eli Craven

Pulled, twisted and manipulated imagery is Eli Craven’s thing. Often with a little hint of sexuality, Eli alters the visual to showcase his own idea of reality.


What not to miss during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017

Gallery Weekend is just around the corner, and on occasion we compiled a list of our highlights and places you will most likely run into us enjoying amazing works of art.


In conversation with Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner was trained as a painter, but now focuses his practice on sculptures, installations, wall reliefs, etc. He did start off with paintings, but along the way felt that was too two …


In conversation with Hideki Iinuma

Hideki Iinuma is an artist, fine wood artist, to be exact. He carves female figures, often with a hint of sexuality, from Camphor wood. While doing so, Iinuma (in combination with modern practices) …


Ashley Bickerton “Ornamental Hysteria”

Ashley Bickerton work is pure eye candy with rowdy overtone. His lustrous imagery has mass appeal and brings together elements of play and personal politics. From very decorative elements to the …



There is something engaging – moving, even – in Roy’s work. His photography is evocative, dreamy and at moments seems like there is a higher power present. Beauty is and has always …


Julian Klincewicz, “Pure, desire”

A lot of things have been said or written in the past year regarding Julian. Usually everyone writes about his collaborations, which are amazing (Julian worked for Acne, Calvin Klein, Gosha …


Chad Moore and the beauty of loss

“Beauty is very subjective, there is no way to describe it.” Ren Hang



Ständig wird behauptet, Andy Warhol sei der Vordenker von Social-Media-Plattformen wie Instagram. Kann das sein?



Andy Warhols Werke nahmen genau jene Diskurse vorweg, die seine Kunst heute unmöglich machen würden.


“Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017”

“Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017” exhibition at Tate, is without a doubt one of the most talked about exhibitions of 2016 and one of the most significant exhibition openings of 2017. The show covers a …


Andro Wekua, “A Dog’s Fidelity”

The dogs, moved by old memory, still lift their hindlegs at a once-familiar spot.  The church’s walls have long since been torn down, but these dogs see the church walls in their dreams.  …


Gavin Turk, “Who What When Where How & Why”

Harald Szeemann once said, “Art historical writing continues to assess art by its mastery and/or freedom of expression, rather than by the degree to which this mastery or this freedom is sacrificed …


"Ich bin bereit, sofort hier zu provozieren"

Der Mann mit Hut und Anglerweste: Eine Dokumentation nähert sich dem großen Künstler und Provokateur Joseph Beuys.

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