Julian Klincewicz Winter Blues Playlist

Er macht Fotos und Videos, zu seinen Kunden zählen Calvin Klein, Acne, Kayne West, Gosha Rubchinskiy und Eckhaus Latta – Julian Klincewicz hat für uns eine Winter Blues Playlist zusammengestellt.

Foto: Braina Laviena

Julian’s oeuvre is enviable and quite unreal. Among his clients, one can find Calvin Klein, Acne, Kayne West, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Eckhaus Latta, etc. He is most known as a videographer and photographer, but Julian, off work, is a true music enthusiast, that also produces his own music. We asked Jules to gather a list of songs he marches to these days, and to be honest; playlist could not sound any more like Julian, it is basically an extension of his personality.


Julian explains:


Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (George Harrison version).

This was one of my favorite songs to walk around New York too. It feels like coming to terms with sadness and comfort within uncertainty. I love Jeff Buckley’s version, but I’ve been on a George Harrison kick, so I chose his.


Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones.

I remember my mom listening to this when I was seven or maybe eight years old. Total Starbucks music, but I actually love this song. It sounds like everything to me, all the dull sorts of „whatever“ moments. The sound matches the words perfectly. It feels like a big „IDK“ no answer, no real explanation, no symbolism, just a moment of „I couldn’t.“


Ease yourself and Glide by Parsley Sound.

This song reminds me of my friends; Luke and Theo. It feels like a song to strut too, in the fall, with the colored leaves and a bit of a chill. It sounds like a song you might meet a new friend to, in a park. It also just feels familiar; like an old pair of shoes, it knows your dogs and your gate, it really does half the work for you.

Text: Katja Horvat