In conversation with SETH PRICE

“Scientists might get good work done if they wore insane outfits.” Seth Price


Small talk: Luar S/S18 - Corporativo

Raul Lopez first launched his career as one of the co-founders of “Hood By Air,” later on he left the brand to start his own line – LUAR.


Life long scavenger hunt - in conversation with artist Lizzi Bougatsos

Lizzi Bougatsos is a multidisciplinary artist/musician mostly known as a singer of Gang Gang Dance.


Complex “real world” by Sam Cooke

“I am just one in seven billion.”


In conversation with Mark Flood

Mark Flood once said that every move he made was a career suicide. He is still alive, though.


In conversation with Todd James

Todd James formerly also known as REAS is the New York City-based artist who first gained fame throughout graffiti. Today he is mostly known for his comic/cartoonish, very much vivid and parody …


Gareth Pugh on costume design, Antigona and future

At the age of fourteen, Gareth Pugh began working as a costume designer for the National Youth Theatre. In 2012 he worked on the ballet Carbon Life which opened at the Royal Opera House. In 2016 his …


“No love for the wild”
HAERTS x Julian Klincewicz

“No love for the wild” is a third creative collaboration between multidisciplinary artist Julian Klincewicz and German-born, New York-based indie duo Nini Fabi and Ben Gebert, better known as …


Helmut Lang
‘Various Conditions’

‘Various Conditions’ is Helmut Lang’s latest exhibition based on the dualism of black and white.


In conversation with Richard Kern

Kern first came to prominence in the eighties as the part of an underground scene that was happening at the time in the East Village, New York City. Back then, as a part of “Cinema of …


In conversation with Dirk Braeckman

Dirk Braeckman’s photography allows viewers to create their own narrative. He suggests but never applies. His life-long oeuvre is dedicated to covering and uncovering the mystery. He is creating …


In conversation with Simon Denny

When someone says art, the majority usually thinks of the ‘great’ painters like let say, Picasso, Dali, Kahlo, Monet, etc. When someone says technology, people think of smartphones, robots, …


Alison Wilding, ‘Acanthus Asymmetrically’

Alison Wilding is an English sculptor and interpreter of form. Her work has been shown and collected all around the world. From Serpentine Gallery, MoMA NY, retrospective at Tate Liverpool in 1991 to …


An epic tale of Cali Thornhill DeWitt

Cali Thornhill DeWitt is a great artist whose oeuvre has achieved both critical acclaim and international popularity.


Chloe Wise, ‘I have bad taste in people but good taste in myself’

Chloe Wise is a multidisciplinary artist with quite the deadpan, quirky presence. Her paintings are recognizable for the array of playful female characters that usually pose alongside any type of …


In conversation with Croatian contemporary dancer Matija Ferlin

Matija Ferlin is a performer who graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Upon completing his studies, he moved to Berlin where he worked and lived for several years. After …



Defying the hierarchies between art and design ‘MIDTOWN’ exhibition features sculpture, furniture, vessels, baskets, tapestries, and paintings.


Distorted world of Eli Craven

Pulled, twisted and manipulated imagery is Eli Craven’s thing. Often with a little hint of sexuality, Eli alters the visual to showcase his own idea of reality.


In conversation with Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner was trained as a painter, but now focuses his practice on sculptures, installations, wall reliefs, etc. He did start off with paintings, but along the way felt that was too two …


In conversation with Hideki Iinuma

Hideki Iinuma is an artist, fine wood artist, to be exact. He carves female figures, often with a hint of sexuality, from Camphor wood. While doing so, Iinuma (in combination with modern practices) …

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